Two Step & Swing Dance Lessons – Edmonton

Our Country and Swing faculty offers many dances that aren’t included in Ballroom! Traditional Two Step and Two Step Country Swing are aimed at country music fans, while Night Club, Hustle, and West Coast Swing can be danced to many styles of music including Country! For those wanting to combine dancing, fun and exercise without the need of a partner, we offer Line Dancing. At Foot Notes Dance Studio our goal is to get you moving and put a smile on your face!

Two-Step Dancing Edmonton

2step – Traditional
beg/Level 1

In this 6 hour course you will learn all the basic elements of the Two Step! Basic timing, basic turns, sweetheart wrap and more with an emphasis on lead and follow! Our goal is to give you confidence to get out on the dance floor and have fun.

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2Step – traditional
Level 2

Intermediate Variations. In this 6 hour course you will continue to add patterns and skills to the material you learned in the Level 1 course. Each six week sessions offers 4 – 6 patterns. The patterns are unique for each session so that returning students will always see new material.

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2Step – Ctry Swing

The ultimate bar dance! Country swing draws on elements of various swing and country dances like Two Step to create a fun and dynamic dance experience. This session will include a Basic Two Step and basic Swing steps like The Pretzel, Arm Slide, and the Sweetheart. Learn turns, basic dips and leans as well as !

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Line Dancing

Line dancing is a great way to have fun on the dance floor! You don’t need to have a partner, and you get to meet friends and be part of a group. Don’t miss this popular class, sign-up today!

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West Coast Swing

Learn the West Coast Swing (WCS) in our 4-6 week courses. Learn to dance the basic patterns in WCS : Sugar Push; Left Side Pass; Right Side Pass; Tuck Turn; and Whip. Sign-up Today!

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Night Club Two-Step

Learn the Nightclub Two-Step in our 4-6 week courses. Slow it down with a smooth NC2. Night Club Two Step is frequently danced to mid-tempo ballads in 4/4 time that have a characteristic quick-quick-slow beat.

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Learn the Hustle in our 4-6 week courses! This is a partner dance that has some features in common with swing dance. Among the most common steps are Basic, Left Turn, Side Break, Inside Turn or Loop Turn, Wrap, Two hand turn.

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